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In 2020 the world is changing. EU legislation sets a mandatory emission limit for new cars to an average of 95g CO2/km. For car manufacturers, it means reducing emissions on time, with minimal business disruption, costs and risks, and also maintaining car performance, durability and price.

If the average CO2 emissions of a fleet exceed its limit value in any year from 2019, automobile manufacturers will have to pay an excess emissions fine for each car registered. As you can see below, the penalties for excess emissions increase incrementally.



Materion’s advanced materials provide a simple way to reduce emissions by downsizing power output. With our high performance alloys & material science expertise, you will enhance the performance and lifespan of critical parts, help reduce environmentally damaging emissions and avoid costly risks associated with engine redesigns.

Tougher Valve Seats

Copper-based alloys remove heat from valves faster than iron-based seats, reducing potential for hot spots and thermal fatigue. These materials may offer cost savings by allowing the use of less expensive valve material, and their wear resistance meets lifetime expectations.

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  • Lower valve head & face temperature
  • Fewer cylinder head hot spots
  • Lower valve bridge temperature
  • No corrosion


Alloy 25 / Alloy 3 / Alloy 10X / PerforMet

Low Friction Piston Rings

Piston rings made of our materials prompt lower fuel consumption by reducing frictional power losses without the need for coatings. The higher conductivity ring materials remove heat faster from the piston crown to reduce overall component temperatures. 

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  • Less frictional drag
  • Reduces ring groove wear
  • Lower groove and crown temperature
  • Lower end-gas temperature
  • Potential higher top ring & reduced crevice volume


ToughMet 3, PerforMet

Harder Bushings, Bearings and Thrust Washers

Bushings on piston pins, rocker arms, crankshafts and other highly-loaded components endure more stress with increased power density. Our low-friction alloys reduce power loss and the high strength allows for higher part loads and miniaturisation.

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  • Requires no coatings
  • Better wear resistance on startup
  • Lighter bearings and mating parts
  • Replaces roller bearings with plain sleeves


ToughMet 3 / Alloy 25

Longer Lasting Valve Guides

Maintaining power in a downsized engine increases wear on valve guides. Our valve guide materials combine high strength and hardness to avoid deformation and wear with low friction to protect the valve stem.

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  • Maintains optimum clearance between valve & guide
  • Increases valve stability
  • Gentle on valve stems


ToughMet 3 / Alloy 25 / PerforMet



We can consistently deliver alloys in the volume you require and have a reliable and cost-effective source of raw materials such as our wholly-owned beryllium mine in North America. We control the entire supply chain, from raw material to delivered alloy. In the case of our beryllium-containing materials, we are totally integrated. The other materials we use are all widely-available and we do the majority of the processing ourselves.


We will work with you and your supply chain partners to choose the ideal solution for your application. We provide you with direct access to our highly-experienced science and engineering team along with all the expert materials you need to successfully design and produce the 2020 compliant engine.



At Materion, we can trace our origins back to Cleveland, Ohio in the 1920s, when we pioneered work in the extraction of beryllium from ore and the production of beryllium metal, oxide and master alloys

Today, much of our work is still concerned with creating metals that provide new engineering possibilities. Our advanced materials solutions make products higher performing; lighter, stronger, smaller, and exceptionally resistant to vibration, corrosion or temperature extremes.

One aspect of our character has not altered over the years. We form deep relationships with our customers by helping them conceive and design technical and performance advantages, helping them achieve their goals.


Materion surpasses the most rigorous user and processing safety standards in consumer markets for application in automotive electronics and smartphones, with extensive ISO, AMS, NADCAP and AS certification.


Our expertise has been proven in aerospace, oil & gas, defence and motor racing applications. For more than 25 years we’re certified suppliers to most major airline manufacturers and numerous automotive brands.

We already provide materials in high volume for automotive electrical applications and our materials can also be found in the world’s leading consumer electronics brands. We’re also partners to many Formula 1, Le Mans, NASCAR and other racing teams who use our materials to build high-performing engines. We hold more than 165 active patents ranging from automotive applications to smartphones.

With this range of interests, Materion are driving change worldwide – enabling manufacturers to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.



Advanced, longer-lasting materials for contemporary engine design



Our materials help downsized engines retain their power



We’re recognised partners of high-volume high-performance manufacturers


To discover how our cutting-edge alloys can give you the power to take on the emissions challenges of 2020, fill in your details below. We will get back to you very soon.